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- WDCB 90.9 FM Chicago Radio Live Broadcast -

June 24, 2016 - Hambone's Blues Party, simulcast on the web 10:00PM. The Windy City Rev Ups performed live for a 1 hour featuring most of the core "Live at The Machine Shop CD" line up with Rich on vocals, guitar & harmonica, Famous Dave on lead guitar, Mickey Gentile on bass, Clif Lee on sax & flute, plus Ricky Key's on B3 Hammond organ/Leslie speaker & piano, and Scott on drums. Fan response was great and Hambone received an email with a shout out to Rich,"I've been playing lead guitar for 50 years now. But, I was stunned by the playing of that guy you called Rev. The lead guitarist was very very good, but the singer's guitar playing was truly creative. I'm inspired. Great job on the mix. Sax was just fine. Harmonica was perfect."   


- Windy City Rev Ups "Fan Mail" -

I go to alot of concerts. I have many friends in bands that are always performing. I know music very well, have a huge vinyl collection and have always been an audiophile. Last night at the Viper Alley, when you opened for the Outlaws, from the very first song, as soon as you started playing I looked at my friends and said this is going to be a great band to hear. All your music was right on! Your versions of "All Along The Watchtower" and "Voodoo Child" were outstanding. Please get more dates at Viper Alley or on the north side of Chicago. Again thank you for the great music and killer guitar tone last night. You guys really rocked, I look forward to seeing the Windy City Rev Ups,perform again soon and please get some gigs up north.

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- Windy City Blues Society "Thank You" -

This was the Windy City Blues Society donation package for the WDCB 90.9 FM Auction at their Annual Winter Gala at Drury Lane. There were about 500 blues and mostly jazz lovers in attendance. Special thank you to the Windy City Rev Ups, CD's & T-shirt, etc., prominently displayed. Got some heavy bidding on it, several people were in a bidding war until the end of the night. That's Lurrie Bell in the photo. It was a great night and we were happy to see your package get the most frenzied bidding of the 2 blues packages. Thanks again for your support, see you at a WCRU show soon!


- Chicago House of Blues -

The Back Porch Stage at House of Blues Chicago offers live music every night of the week. Starting at 10pm, the stage lights-up with a nightly headliner. Tuesday through Saturday, the music starts at 7pm with a blues acoustic set during dinner. Coming soon to the House of Blues - Windy City Rev Ups


- Studiophile -

WINDY CITY ROUND UPS - Local R&B and blues rockers the Windy City Rev Ups produced a nine song original DVD and live CD filmed by Plainfield Cable Television, which aired in Plainfield / Naperville through January. The band will release the DVD / CD this spring.


- Entertainment Update "Acoustic New Years Eve" -

For another family-friendly New Years Eve option, you can catch the fabulous Windy City Rev Ups at J. Fleming’s Absolutely Delicious in downtown Westmont. This band plays blues, classic rock and alternative music in a very eclectic way and they are truly outstanding musicians who regularly play at the House of Blues.  Absolutely Delicious is quickly becoming the place for live music in Westmont and is a great room to see the "acoustic" Rev Ups.


- WRMC Radio Interview -

April 7, 2010 - WRMC Radio Presents: “Puttin’ on the Dog”. An hour of Chicago Music with Chicago’s own Windy City Rev Ups featuring a live interview from Chicago with band leader Windy City "Rev”. Only on WRMC, the voice of Moravian College. Broadcast Wednesday 6-7PM EDT and Rebroadcast on Friday April 9th, 7-8PM EDT. This radio interview featured songs from Chicago artist such as Lonnie Brooks, Lurrie Bell and numerous songs from WCRU's Swing Out Chicago & Live In Chicago CD's: Everyday I've Got The Blues, Alley Cat Blues, I Should Have Known, Halfway Home, Shine So Bright, Maxwell Street, All Along The Watchtower and Swing Out Chicago!


- Around Hear -

"Swing Out Chicago" is a somewhat derivative, but feverishly passionate take at Chicago blues and Memphis inspired R&B, Swing Out Chicago CD from the Windy City Rev Ups. The band performs all over the Midwest, and it shows in their plier tight arrangements, guttural vocals and their hypnotic jonesing for the blues. A musical detour into acoustic driven Southern rock, "Red White & Blue" only enhances their allure.


- Nite Call -

Rock and Blues band the Windy City Rev Ups has put itself on the map with, not only one, but two CDs. Their first, "Live in Chicago" was released this summer at the Taste of Chicago which sold over 100 copies during the performance making it a first. Their second CD, Swing Out Chicago, due out November 15th is an all original CD. It's already getting airtime all over Europe. I recommend checking them out and taking a listen for yourself at


- For Your Eyes Only -

We recently received an email from a loyal Chicago fan asking us to check out the Windy City Rev Ups that have been jamming in our area, so here it is! The band is always seen performing with great professionalism! They are staright forward musicians with a variety and range of cover songs that are sure to please most everyone! These veterans are able to deliver classic rock, blues (cover & several originals), dance and swing tunes, as well as R & B hits. We enjoyed hearing a few of their original songs, "Swing Out Chicago" & "Halfway Home". Cover songs included Clapton's "Tore Down", Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Cold Shot", Santana's "Black Magic Women", Allman Brother's "Stormy Monday" and many more! During our evening of entertainment they were able to sense what we wanted to hear and showed it by keeping us wanting to hear more. Windy City Rev Ups have performed in a wide array of venues from local hang outs, Chicago area Blues Festivals and this year Taste of Chicago. The crowd is involved by being asked to shout out requests for the band to sing and during their break mingling around signing and passing out their CD's! If you have the chance and want to experience Chicago style blues and rock n' roll, don't miss the opportunity to see WCRU playing this summer around the area for an energetic and fun time. ROCK ON!


- WRLR 98.3 LP-FM Radio Active -

The Windy City Rev Ups, featured weekly on DJ Big Time Richie's Wednesday evening "Music Buffet" program, Round Lake Radio, 2008 - 2009.


- Live In Chicago CD Review -

The Windy City Rev Ups serve up 10 tracks of live cuts recorded at a couple of Chicago area establishments. The album serves as notice as to what the band can do with some rocking blues standards and their own material.
The CD begins with eight covers. They do standards like SRV's "Cold Shot", Elmore James "The Sky Is Crying", a funked up Memphis Slim's "Everyday I Have The Blues" and Ronnie Earl's "Follow Your Heart", my favorite of the covers. The last two cuts are WCRU's original tunes and serve as a precursor to what's ahead for the band. They have a new CD coming out in the fall of 2008 that features 11 all original compositions. This CD wets the listener’s appetite for their original music and sets the table for the new release, a good strategy by WCRU & Co. I like the two original cuts a lot, "Swing Out Chicago" and "I Should have Known". The former is a swinging little number while the later is more in line with their blues roots. The band performs R&B, funk, swing, rock and dance. No matter what you label their style, they are a great band who can rock it out and get down & dirty with any other band!



- Windy City Rev Ups "Fan Mail" -

Saw you guys at the House of Blues last Saturday night ... awesome show! I bought one of your CD's and lost it somewhere at Union Station before I made it home :( so someone somewhere is enjoying my new Windy City Rev Ups CD! I just ordered a replacement on-line :) PS - You guys are awesome!

WDCBheader.jpg 2011WCRU-REV-WDCBRADIO-14comp.jpg

- WDCB 90.9 FM Chicago Radio Live Broadcast -

May 19, 2011 - Hambone's Blues Party, simulcast on the web 10:00PM. The Windy City Rev Ups performing live on the radio for a 1 hour (Show #751). The musician line up featured WCRU's Chicago House Of Blues 5 piece band.  The station was swamped with complementary emails and text messages "Just heard you on the radio today, you blew me away! Keep it up for the love of god!" The interview covered the band's history, instrumentation, song writing and future CD releases. The band performed original songs - Swing Out Chicago, Alley Cat Blues, Halfway Home, Red White & Blue, Love Reaction, plus a few covers - Baby, Stormy Monday, Whipping Post, Voodoo Child and Coming Home Baby. Hambone's Blues Party has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times and Daily Herald, and Hambone himself has emceed the Blues on the Fox Festival since 2000, presenting national acts to crowds of 10,000. Hambone is also a contributor to the webzine Chicago Blues Guide,, blogging his monthly picks for Hambone's Top Spins. Hambone has produced one of the longest running radio shows in a town known for the blues - over 750 shows. In addition to recorded music, Hambone has hosted over 200 bands live, in-studio, including legendary performers such as Eddy Clearwater, Otis Clay, Mighty Joe Young and Honeyboy Edwards.  


- Studiophile -

Revin' It Up - The Windy City Rev Ups have finished mastering four releases at Cave Audio Productions in Chicago. Disc one & two "Live & Acoustic - Vol 1 & 2", was recorded live at now closed Hanson Brothers Tavern in Northbrook. The night featured most of the band’s popular tunes including the title track from their "Swing Out Chicago" CD and the patiotic anthem "Red, White & Blue" plus their soulful cover of Blind Faith’s "Can’t Find My Way Home" played on acoustic instruments with the following musicians: Rev (guitar, vocal, harp), George (lead guitar), Zoey (guesting from the Old Town School Of Folk Music on guitar), Gordan (guesting from the School Of Rock on bass). The second record, soon to be titled "The Lakehouse Studio Session", will produce volumes three, a bootleg, and a separate retail CD. According to the band, the recordings are “very rock, very high energy, includes some real cover jems like "Freeway Jam" and "Soul Sacrifice" plus new orginals, lost tracks, recorded on vintage Marshall and Fender amps, honkin harp, growlin’ – it will close out the series.” The most recent project is still in progress, recording at Elmhurst College’s Gretsch Studio, where the band described the sessions as “very R&B, minimal tracks, with sax and flute - trippy, doing more vocal tracks in February". If that’s not enough, the band will release a "best of all three" available on iTunes and CD Baby. Called "Windy City Rev Ups - Essentials", it will feature songs from the two studio sessions, with a few bonus tracks from the Hanson and Lakehouse setups. "They are all very, very different, which I think makes it a full-circle representation of the band’s versatility, an alternative approach to R&B, gutsy with our raw energy on display".


- City Limits Harley-Davidson "Thank You" -

Just wanted to thank you again. The crowd said, "the band was great"! I can't tell you how many times I heard, "wow, what a great band"! It's Thursday and I'm still hearing it. I've been told by several people that went to the special event that the Windy City Rev Ups were also amazing at the the bonfire later that night on acoustic guitars! If you ever want a reference, please don't hesitate to ask. I've only made that offer to a few bands, I not only enjoyed your music but our customers and staff also loved your music. Thanks again, we look forward to having you play for us again!


- For Your Eyes Only -

ROCK AND ROLL - The Windy City Rev Ups definitely have what it takes to entertain. Great vocals, powerful guitars and a shredding organist! You can't go wrong seeing these guys.


- File -

Don't stand to close to the Windy City Rev Ups on the 3rd, because their confusion might be contagious. The normally all electric rock & blues band plan an "acoustic" performance at Morgan's on Maxwell Street (1325 N. Halsted), which is right on the corner of Maxwell Street: the home of electric, Chicago blues. Apart from that, this unplugged line up is sometimes referred to by WCRU fans as "The Traveling Di Meola's," a nod to Latin-jazz/fusion king Al Di Meola. We can only assume when they start booking gigs down in Pilsen that the krautrock will come hard and heavy.


- The Classic Now Rocks! -

Windy City Rev Ups - Get ready to rock to this energetic mix of Blues, R&B, Classic Rock, Swing originals & cover songs that will leave your feet hoppin' throughout Chicago. This band really knows how to rev up a crowd!


- Newsletter -

Oh my - what you missed last week. It was Jimmy Johnson, it was Lil' Ed, it was Paul Crosby, it was unbelievable! And that was just Wednesday night. Windy City Rev Ups blew us away on Saturday, in their first appearance at Hanson Brothers. You just never know what's going to happen on any given night, and that's the beauty part. The magic could happen on any of these nights coming up. Don't take any chances.
Don't forget to check our site at and our myspace page for the latest info on upcoming events.


- File -

The Windy City Rev Ups are spinning off - not out - another project called "Tommy & The Rockets". They debut on the 23rd at Dolce Amore in Naperville, featuring players from 1969 The Band, Chicago Express, and some Old Town School alumni.


- Studiophile -

Windy City Rev Ups recorded eight songs from the Live In Chicago CD at Steve's Sports Bar in Antioch and two songs at The Lake House in Plainfield. These sessions were recorded remotely and mastered by CAVE.


- Veterans Receive Thank You Show -

Local radio personality hosts holiday celebration at VA medical center. NORTH CHICAGO - Glenn wasted no time when he heard the song “Black Magic Woman” being played the way Santana would have done it. Glenn, found a dance partner and hit the floor at the North Chicago VA Medical Center on Dec. 21. Live music can quell loneliness, he said, but the tunes better be good. “It does make a difference to have quality entertainment,” Glenn said of having his spirits lifted during the holiday season. “It’s very important.” Veterans of all ages enjoyed the rock, blues, dance and swing music that was performed by the Windy City Rev Ups as part of a free holiday show hosted by Richie Big Time, a disc jockey for WRLR FM 98.3, a radio station in Round Lake Heights. The show was complete with a rib dinner and the distribution of greeting cards, T-shirts and bags filled with candy. Richie Big Time DJ hosted the event in honor of those who have served the United States. About 150 attended the event.


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